I dont see my old posts in here….its been a while. My walk with God has gone through many changes in the last couple years. I wasn’t sure of my footing for a while. But when you belong to God you cant help but return to faith ever stronger as i indeed have. I have taken a turn and thus so has this ministry. My authentic self had to come out. Again. I spent years trying to pray the gay away. But it was always there. I put myself through conversion therapy! Only to realize recently that everyone who goes through it ultimately puts themselves through it. Because you have to come into agreement with the christians who also believe in I could no longer deny my feelings.. Love truly is thefulfillment of the law. There are many like me. Who have reconciled their sexual preference to their faith. I am blessed beyond measure.

My Father my God! Ohhhh bless me indeed! Increase my territory….for all Your glory! Help me receive!

Lol! Those are the words to a song i wrote based on the Prayer of Jabez. A simple prayer found in the Word of God stashed between many of the ‘ begats’ as they call them. I don’t. Remember where exactly Ill have to look it up again, (1Chronicles4:10) but they made a whole book about it! And if i remember correctly Jabez asks that most of all he do no harm to others. I don’t know where Im going with all this but i think that will be my prayer today. That i do no harm to others.  

This is not always easy. I almost titled this entry….Be Still and know that I am God…. Until the song popped into my head. But being still, thinking before i speak, considering all things first. Calling God into the situation to guide my words before I say something that cant be taken back…..these are things I consider now more than ever. 

Also, it seems the more  ‘Still’ I become the more stillness is needed yet. If that makes any sense? 

Welcome to my blog! I will be writing about my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. About inner healing. About life.